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9 Reasons Mr. Knightley Is WAY Better Than Mr. Darcy

Favorite Mr. Knightly line! Jane Austen, Emma, Mr. Knightly says, "Men of sense do not want silly wives."

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Emma: I was talking to Harriet. Knightley: (surprised + joking) Harriet. I do not mind what we talk of, we can talk of Harriet if we must. Emma: (laughs) After talking to Harriet on a.. on a secret matter of her heart, I examined my own <3. And there you were - never, I fear, to be removed. - Emma directed by Jim O'Hanlon (TV Mini-Series, 2009) #janeausten #fanart

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Jane Austen's Emma -- This version is one of my favorites of this story, it's just so good!!!

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Pink archery dress from Emma. This is my favorite scene from the movie ("Try not to kill my dogs"). Love the rapport between Emma and Knightley in this scene.

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This part had me biting my tongue to keep from screaming - right in front of Jane and everybody - and Emma allows him to do it!

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By George He’s Perfect

Gwyneth Paltrow in Regency style gown, from the movie Emma. Description from I searched for this on

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"I examined my own heart, and there you were... never, I fear, to be removed." -- BBC's adaptation of Emma

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