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Wow... This is how i feel everytime i see my ex boyfriend... I still love him and he does all of that but i think its like this only he really dosnt mean it

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I've always had a soft spot for Sasuke. No matter what he did or felt he had to do I was sympathetic to all his pain.

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this is why i don't really mind getting called "emo" anymore (used to hate it but i'm ok with it now)

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Thank you, this gives meaning to my life ^-^ I'm going to immediately break out my keyboard/piano and play this like a boss! xD

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This makes me mad more than anything. Like really it's not "emo" music or the "devils music"! People need to understand that those bands save peoples live unlike lil Wayne or justin Bieber . "Emo" music is so much more better than what people consider good music.

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Except for its my best friend going "she listens to EMO bands I mean look at her shirt!" cuz she knows it drives me crazy

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Black veil brides-- awwe Andy.. Batman is real... wait, isnt he? ASHLEY ARE YOU…

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