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To save on the company's contribution to insurance payments, we'll also require all employees to perform their own surgeries! LOL!


Wearable tech for employees: Good or bad? Make no mistake, healthcare costs are rising. For business owners who are generous enough to offer their employees insurance, this is undoubtedly a cause for concern. And you may wonder, is there any way to protect your employees and not go bankrupt in the process? Wearable technologies may be the answer. Here’s what you need […]


Wellness: To Optimize Health and Well-being to Improve the Quality of Life and Productivity The Optimal Health and Wellness Program encourages employees, their spouses (when covered by an employees insurance) or registered domestic partner, and county retirees to participate in what we have to offer to improve your health and overall well-being while saving in healthcare expenses. The program provides additional support through a variety of resources and an integrated medical management…


Georgia Stops Paying for Abortions in State Employee Insurance Plans

from The Huffington Post

Newlywed? How To Maximize Your Insurance For Every Stage of Life (INFOGRAPHIC)

Employee benefits can be overwhelming, but this cool infographic lays out the basics of life insurance, auto insurance, disability and the rest, and how/when to update them!

from BuzzFeed

Exclusive: Feds To Lift Ban On Federal Employee Insurance Coverage Of Sex-Reassignment Surgery

'The fact that we are applying [Title IX] to transgender students means that they are going to be in a position to assert their rights,' said President Obama in a recent interview.