ISO Please Share This Listing Limited Edition Glitter Queen Palette. I want SOOO bad. If anyone is selling this or knows someone who is please let me know! Dazzlize Makeup Eyeshadow

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10 pcs Empty Lipstick Palette by CocoBeautySupplies on Etsy

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Stop throwing your money away and start converting those “almost empty” tubes of lipsticks into something useful: a lipstick palette! A lipstick palette provides you the convenience of having multiple lipsticks in a compact case thats fits into the tiniest … Continue reading →

Create a lipstick palette with an empty watercolour paint tray or empty eyeshadow palette!!

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AnotherSoul Etsy shop. Beautiful empty magnetic makeup palettes that are cheaper and prettier than the Z-Palette!

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Makeup Storage Ideas - Lipglosses, Lipsticks and LiYou can buy empty lipsticks palettes like the ones from Japonesque. Others also use pill cases or bead containers and melt or press their lippies right into it. This is also an option but I find that it didn't work for me because if my collection grew, I couldn't shift around the colors as I'd like.ners

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