It's during the worst storms of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.

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— how to fill emptiness // poetry by noor unnahar ( // art journal ideas inspiration, poem writing words quotes inspirational inspiring, notebook journaling, artist Pakistani writers of color, backpack illustration, tumblr aesthetics hipsters, instagram photography artistic artsy, grunge, floral, creative south asian artists, diy craft for teens, bookstagram //

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_______________________________________________________ Printable Frankenstein quote by Mary Shelley _______________________________________________________ Imagine filling the empty nooks of your home and office with beautifully crafted word prints from literatures most iconic novels. Maybe you want to offer encouragement to a friend or express feelings to a loved one. Bring life and warmth into your space or give the perfect gift with printable art featuring quotes from classic…

Tired, exausted, weary, beat, drained, depressed, worn, spent, despondent, despaired, disheartened, dejected, heartbroken, miserable, godforsaken, adrift, helpless, devoid, forlorn, dismal, broken, hopeless, desolate, hollow, empty, alone, lost, lifeless, shattered, finished More

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