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Medical Drip Rates - - Paramedic-RN-Nursing-Student-EmT


#FRIDAYFUNNIES # Because every department has that guy(s) that think you're training to hard #killingit in the engine bay. Once you understand and start to develop capacity and recovery rates you can go out there and kill yourself hop in the rig still sweating and huffing and still outwork their #expectations #trainharddowork ________________________________________ Want to be featured? Show us how you train hard and do work Use #555fitness in your post. You can learn more about us…

FEATURED POST @epn560 - #TBT July 11th 2006 the Sawtooth Fire in Pioneertown Ca pushes resources out due to extreme rate of spread. Photo By Mary Markley of Yucca Valley Ca. ___Want to be featured? _____ Use #chiefmiller in your post ... . CHECK OUT! Facebook- chiefmiller1 Snapchat- chief_miller Periscope -chief_miller Tumblr- chief-miller Twitter - chief_miller YouTube- chief miller . #fire #firetruck #firedepartment #fireman #firefighters #ems #kcco #brotherhood #firefighting… assets 1 7 EMS_Calculating_Drip_Rates.pdf

FEATURED POST @555fitness - TRAIN HARD DO WORK #Repost @rigfitnw Let's face it cardio sucks. The boys over at Northshore 51's get their heart rate up with some pickle ball. What do you all of you do for some fun station exercises/activities during some down time? From my bro @hoffdaddy4life #FullyInvolved #stationpride #firefighters_daily #kcco #RigFitNW #TeamRigFit __________________________________________ Want to be featured? Show us how you train hard and do work Use…

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