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At the end of the 19th century there were more than 500 operational grist mills in West Virginia, USA. Now most of them have either vanished back in to the environment or are idle beside the rushing streams that once powered them. This is Glade Creek Grist Mill. You can see more of this beautiful working mill here

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Pumpkin Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust (Vegan, GF)

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust - This gluten-free and vegan dessert is simple to make and perfect to end any holiday meal. @bobsredmill #BobsHolidayCheer #Sponsored


october-glory, This so reminds me of the red barn in Herman, Mo, not the water fall just the setting.Thing i'm going to have to get away if not just for a day,I haven had time for myself in i don't know how long, just been pushing myself to get thing done.I feel like i'm just spining my wheels in place,then end up mad a myself because i feel like i'm not getting enough done..


Paper Mill - 15 This is a steam boiler. The top right at the stair end is the steam drum. The pipes coming down are the superheater tubes. Steam leaves the steam drum and then re-enters the furnace to be further heated


Mill wall, East London ~ The association with Cockney and the East End in the public imagination may be due to many people assuming that Bow Bells are to be found in the district of Bow, rather than the lesser known St Mary-le-Bow church. Thus while all East Enders are Cockneys, not all Cockneys are East Enders.