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End Of Prohibition

Famous Speakeasies in Chicago | Happy Repeal Day! Celebrate the end of Prohibition at one of these ...

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Historic Boston photos: 82 years since end of Prohibition

Historic Boston photos: 81 years since end of Prohibition | Local ...

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Awesome Picture Of Americans Celebrating The Repeal Of Prohibition In Paris

These Americans may have been visiting Paris when Prohibition ended in the US in 1933, but they celebrated anyway!

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Printable PROHIBITION ENDS here-drink up-Art Deco Great Gatsby 1920's theme-instant download digital file--black and glitter gold

This design is part of our stunning roaring 20s Collection in black and GOLD glitter! PROHIBITION ENDS HERE - DRINK UP This is a stunning black


December 5th 1933: Prohibition ends On this day in 1933, Prohibition officially ended in the United States upon the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution. Utah was the final state to ratify the amendment, and this gave the measure the required 75% of state approval. The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment of 1920 which had imposed Prohibition, which banned alcohol in the United States. This is the only time in US history when one amendment overturned another.

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Let's End Drug Prohibition

Celebrating the end of alcohol prohibition, Dec. 5, 1933.


A thirsty Clevelander takes a deep gulp of beer with the end of Prohibition, Ohio, 1933


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