“There comes a point where you no longer care if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or not. You’re just sick of the tunnel” - Ranata Suzuki quote * From Tumblr Blogger: Ranata-Suzuki missing, you, I miss him, lost, tumblr, love, relationship, beautiful, words, quotes, story, quote, sad, breakup, broken heart, heartbroken, loss, loneliness, depression, depressed, unrequited, anxiety, typography, written, writing, writer, poet, poetry, prose, poem

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Accept the loss and move on. It's heartbreaking but life goes on and if they truly were your friend they'll find a way back.

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You have pinned for over a year about being glad you ended it and so he could fix his relationship. Like you should be given an award lmao don't you know that helping a married man cheat is the definition of toxic?! You're a fucking joke.

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Relationship with a Narcissist in a Nutshell: You will go from being the perfect love of their life to nothing you do is ever good enough. You will give everything and they will take it all and give you less and less in return. You will end up depleted, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and probably financially, and then get blamed for it.

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"It is ironic, almost infuriating, how some of the hardest relationships end in the simplest of break-ups—sometimes it is just that you are simply too much for the other person and they are simply not enough for you." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

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WEBSTA @ the.imperfectly.perfect - Don't beat yourself for not being able to realize who he really was from the beginning. At one time or another we all fall victim to an illusion of love. The good news is true character is always revealed in the end. Keep being true to yourself and your values and watch as things line in in your favor. ❤️

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Initially, Ophelia becomes brokenhearted when Hamlet ends their relationship, insulting her and recommending that she should become a nun. Her broken heart causes her to travel on a slippery slope between sanity and insanity because she loves him so much and he means so much to her. After the death of Polonius, caused my Hamlet, she truly becomes mad. Ultimately, she commits suicide and it becomes clear that hamlet is the cause of her destruction…

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This is exactly how I felt when my last relationship ended. Suddenly I was blossoming into someone I really loved, and unfortunately that woman no longer fit with that man. Ladies, be true to yourself today and always. No relationship should ever change who you are at the core. And if it starts to, I hope you find the strength to let that person go no matter how hard it may be

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