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I saw this on a facebook page and I thought it was a lovely idea to use as a Christmas or end of year present to the children in your class. Each one is personalised.

TRUMP, will be a trillionaire by the end of his term, at the expense of the rest of us.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Emojis Craftivity and Writing {character traits}

Use this Emojis packet to practice Character Traits (only positive) in Elementary school. The packet can also be used to build kindness (random acts of kindness) or build rapport in the classroom. Perfect for ✔ Thanksgiving; ✔ End of the year / term; ✔ New Year or any time you feel like.| CrazyCharizma

Bubble Gum Blurt Chart - this is something I created for my class to help encourage self control during instruction time. my students have 3 chances (3 pieces of gum per week) and if they interrupt or blurt out a piece is removed from their name and put into the LOST BUBBLES bucket. If they have any pieces left at the end of the week, they will receive a price of bubble gum. Hopefully this will help cut down on interruptions and talking out.