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No, friends should not fight our battles for us, but they should defend us when we are right, when we are standing for truth, and when we are being maliciously aligned or attacked.

from Berry

You’re just somebody that I used to know (27 photos)

This is one of the best phrases to describe past friendships that ran their courses. I've let go of so many people in my past for so many reasons. Some are regrets, some are fond memories, and others were toxic waste.


Very powerful, to be melded with your paradigm my luv! Wow. Yes I can see this. But emotionally hard to do. I don't do well with endings. In many cases you don't have to end, just allow them to float away baby.


I understand this quote more right now than I want to... Than ever before. It's sad when someone loses that title to you, but then you remember that relationships can't be or feel one sided, and that you can't force something that probably began ending a long time ago.