Games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown are favorites of mine not just for their strategic components but for the colorful yet artistic and decidedly intimidating designs of the aliens. The Elder aliens - Ethereals - are perhaps the most, their smooth helmets being almost Giger-esque and their robed bodies seeming almost like mummified wraiths.

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My blog post on the original X-COM and the upcoming XCOM! Perfect for those interested in Strategy or Tactical games!

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UFO: Enemy Unknown (marketed as X-COM: UFO Defense in North America) is a science fiction strategy video game developed byMythos Games and MicroProse. It was published by MicroProse in 1994 for DOS andAmiga computers and the Amiga CD32console, and in 1995 for PlayStation. Its European PlayStation release is titled X-COM: Enemy Unknown. I destroyed the Earth many a time playing this game. Sadly, that's not the goal...

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XCOM 2 получила масштабный мод Long War 2 В свое время студия Pavonis Interactive сделала модификацию Long War, которая была одной из самых фаворитных среди фанатов пошаговой тактической стратегии XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Сейчас же команда объявила о выходе настолько же глобального мода для XCOM 2. Читать на сайте

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