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Redwing Mohawk nuclear test. A wide but very shallow crater was created mostly due to pressure collapse of the porous coral soil. Eberiru Island, Enewetak Atoll, 2 July 1956


This is a photo of a massive concrete lid to a 107 m diameter nuclear waste trash can on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. From:


On November 16, 1952, a B-36H bomber dropped a nuclear bomb over a point north of Runit Island in the Enewetak atoll, resulting in a 500 kiloton explosion -- part of a test code-named Ivy.

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Solar Corona, photographed by Czech photographer... - lachatrouge

Solar Corona, photographed by Czech photographer Miloslav Druckmuller on the Marshall Islands.

U.S. Marines rest aboard a ship in the Marshall Islands following their victory at the Battle of Eniwetok, where they took Enewetak Atoll from the Imperial Japanese in under a week. Near Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands. February 1944. Image taken by Edward Steichen.