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This is a photo of a massive concrete lid to a 107 m diameter nuclear waste trash can on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. From:

from Atlas Obscura

7 Nuclear Test Sites You Can Visit Today

Atom bomb test at the Enewetak atoll in the Marshall Islands. (Photo: National Nuclear Security Administration/Public Domain)

Operation Greenhouse, Eenwetak Atoll, 1951: VIP Observers are lit up by the light of an atomic bomb.


Operation Redwing Apache shot 1.9MT Thermonuclear test Enewetak Atoll July 8 1956 DOE [3200 x 2528]

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Atomic Test on the Enewetak Atoll

Atomic Test on Enewetak Atoll


Ivy King was the largest pure fission nuclear bomb ever tested by the United States. The bomb was tested during the Truman administration as part of Operation Ivy. This series of tests involved the development of very powerful nuclear weapons in response to the nuclear weapons program of the Soviet Union.