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Podcast English Lesson: Suggest & Recommend What is the best answer choice: The doctor _______ stop smoking A. suggested him -- B. suggested to him -- C. suggested he -- D. suggested to he Get the answer and a FREE English lesson when you click the link

A lot of English learners have trouble with using the verbs “challenge” and “try.” How about you? Have a look at today’s one point English lesson. The basic difference…

Santa Claus is a jolly old man who brings toys and joy to a lot of boys and girls on Christmas. The legend of Santa claus has a long history, and there are some slight differences across various cultures. For today’s English lesson, we’re going to have a quiz about Santa Claus. Mp3 and pdf too!

From my family to yours, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy my reading of the Christmas poem, Twas the night before Christmas, by Clement Clarke Moore (1823). Background music:…

Podcast English Lesson: BUY vs. PAY What is the best answer choice: I_____ a cup of coffee this morning. A. paid -- B. was paid -- C. bought -- D. was bought Click the link for the answer and a free English Lesson!

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American Slang Lesson – Talking About Being Tired or Exhausted in Slang | Happy English - Free English Lessons

YouTube English Lesson: 5 HAND idioms What is the best answer choice: Tom said he would ______ me a hand painting the house. A. hold -- B. give -- C. take -- D. do Get the answer and a FREE English lesson when you click the link

YouTube English Lesson: WANNA? Can I use WANNA every time? Check out my YouTube English Lesson where I will teach you the answer!

Did you know that the wrong pronunciation could be dangerous? It's true! One of the dangerously mispronounced words in English is "SIT." Check out today's YouTube lesson to find you why!