English school holidays

$ This series of 15 informational text posters gives your students a brief overview about the history of Christmas symbols and traditions in American culture. A scavenger hunt is included so you can assess your student's ability to read and comprehend informational text. This is an engaging way to integrate CCSS skills with your holiday celebrations

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FREEBIE!!! From Winter Print and Go! Math and Literacy. Super quick way to review color words this winter. Follow me on Pinterest and TpT for more fun free stuff.

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FREE Days of the week wheel Laminate the wheel, attach to laminated cardstock with brad so it can turn, add a mini clothespin at the top of the cardstock, place in students' binders. Students can turn the wheel to the right day and hold it with the clothespin. Add school and house pics to the correct days before laminating. On school holidays could just X out the school pic.

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I love finding creative ways to bring the holidays into the classroom. Here are my top 10 favorite Valentine’s Day inspired activities to use with middle school English students! The activities include grammar, reading comprehension, parts of speech, writing, idioms and much more!

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