reviseordie:Made a funny little flow chart of key literary characters for my exam to keep my spirits up! This is art

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SVOMPT is the most important rule in English. However, very few textbook teach this rule explicity. To do this here is an info graphic and a worksheet.

Found this nugget of absurdist humor in an English textbook.

Voyages in English Grade 6 Student Book Voyages in English textbooks help students in grades 3 to 8 acquire the fundamentals of writing and grammar in a logical and consistent fashion. Strong language skills enable them to become effective writers, to perform well on standardized tests, and to become successful communicators.

If you are looking to rent a flat in London or the UK, here’s all the vocabulary you need and a story that you will probably find very interesting!

Welcome to the sights and sounds of the world with the Footprint Reading Library, a unique series of graded readers for learners of English. This series offers fascinating stories from the four corners of our world, and develops the language and skills needed to understand non-fiction.

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