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Damp Spaniel- My Grandaddy had a set of similarly majestic professional photos of his Springer, Che. Glad I received those dog-loving genes.

from Mail Online

This sea's a bit ruff! Benny the spaniel gets blown by wind in Jersey

Springer Spaniel - Dave the Dirty Dancing Dog says; "Woof! I put my right foot in,I put my right foot out, In, out, in, out. Shake it all about! Woof! Woof!"


LENKA - (kartoxa06) -- "My favorite subject - the children" -- February 4, 2010 -- photo by Zena Holloway


Earth song — "A Touch of Magic" by Steve Collins

Robin red breast: I encountered my first English robin in the Kensington Palace gardens. It was raining but he was atop a fence and gaily singing to me. I chirp and he would chirp back. Enchanting wee things - so much smaller than American robins, which I also adore.


Curly-Coated Retriever considered one of the oldest retriever breeds. Used as long ago as the late 18th century in England. descended from the English Water Spaniel, St. John’s Newfoundland, the retrieving setter, the Poodle & possibly the Irish Water Spaniel & the Labrador. The Curly-Coated Retriever is an excellent hunting companion & gun dog. The breed is pretty rare inside the USA but is more popular in Australia & New Zealand. Some of the Curly's talents are hunting, tracking…