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Rare Nazi Enigma Machine Smashes Record at Auction

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from Mail Online

Let's get cracking! Prince Charles tries the famous Enigma machine

Former GCHQ historian Mike gives Prince Charles a demonstration of the Enigma machine -- July 30, 2014

Military Enigma machine Post WWII secrecy between nations becomes paramount. Arthur Scherbius creates a means to keep the information secret. The enigma machine becomes the Nazi code making weapon in WWI. They are confident that it will keep their secrets a secret. But their secret is discovered and used against them.


The Nazi's Enigma Machine - and the mathematics behind it - was a crucial part of World War II. Dr James Grime demonstrates the machine and discusses its many configurations. James' "day job" is touring with the Enigma machine - he could even visit you - see more at More on Enigma coming soon, i...


Rare World War Two Enigma machine in perfect working order could fetch huge amount at auction #world #enigma #machine #perfect #working…