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Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer - No More Tears (Enough is Enough) (Extended Version). Just the audio, but I think that the audio is Enough.


Inland Taipan / Oxyuranus microlepidotus - Beautiful Australia - Australia's Inland Taipan is considered to be the most venomous snake in the world. The venom from one bite is enough to kill 100 fully grown men. It is, however, very rare for humans to be bitten and in the few cases that have occurred, anti-venom treatment has been successful. Small rodents, mammals and birds are not so lucky.


Geoffrey Canada, leader of the Harlem Children's Zone, speaks at a TED conference: "Our failing schools... Enough is enough!" (17-minute video)


"I can't do this anymore," Radley said. "I don't wanna go on like this. All of this-" he gestured to the hellscape around them. "-it's too much." Travis huffed indignantly. "This is bullshit. The king's ruled long enough."


Seriously, be strong and know when enough is enough. Take your stand, speak up and refuse to let others hurt you. Throughout your lifetime some people will discredit you, disrespect you and treat you poorly for no apparent reason at all. Don’t consume yourself with trying to change them or win their approval. And don’t make any space in your heart to hate them. You don’t have control over what others think about you, but you do have control over how you decide to internalize their opinions…