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Ent Nice

from Playbuzz

What Mythical Creature Are You?

The creature was humanoid, but it's body seemed to be made of woven wood. It's eyes were two glowing holes, and it's hair was a thick, elegant carpet of moss. It's hands were branches, leaves included, and it's feet were roots that twisted and dragged the thing along as smoothly as if it were walking.


cute dark but cute shirt nice jacket very nice jeans so cute then that red belt love it shoes cut it be cuter if it didnt have the thing that goes across the strap

from Wife in Progress

Beautiful Shiplap Walls from Cheap Plywood

It's easy and cheap to get the shiplap look on any wall using cheap plywood. It's affordable and super easy to work with! You're going to love how it will transform your home to give you that coveted Fixer Upper style!


thefabulousweirdtrotters: “ The knotted branches of a ‘Spider’s Web’ tree (or a strangler fig) in a park in Nanning, Guangxi, China ”

from Etsy

ACEO Limited Edition Giclee- Old Wisebark

Ents... as told by JR Tolkien they are giant, tree-like sheperds of the forests...the old forests of which there are few left today. What a pity that the inquisitive nature of our minds brought us to destroy so much of what is good in this world. Ents would have been nice to know... Carol