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Not a long time that entrepreneurship training has found its place in Iran. Hence, not many researches have been performed on efficiency and damages facing entrepreneurship training @

YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING (YET) PROGRAMME Unemployment in our view can only be minimized if the people no longer depend on the government or society to provide them with jobs but create one for themselves. At Vivid-View Concepts we have been creating jobs to youth through our input in the lives of 10 20 unemployed youths in the past by training them in skill and acquisition programmes in the areas of Web and Graphic Designs. Our primary objective is to train and certified 200…

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Great Life Lessons To Remember

10+Great+Life+Lessons+To+Remember 10+Great+Life+Lessons+To+Remember


That's just how I feel! If I'm going to be broke I'd rather be broke building my dreams and going for the vision I have for myself! Follow your vision and dreams!Follow me on my fan page at ElissaARobertson free training on IG follow link at www.elissarob


Learn modern marketing strategies by the William R. Patterson and increase profitability of your business.


Training Children To Become Entrepreneurs

KIDPRENEURS Young Entrepreneurs with BIG IDEAS! The best gift you could give to your kids to teach them about entrepreneurship

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How to Write a Freelance Business Plan--Plus a Business Plan Template

How to Write a #Freelance Business Plan, including a freelance business plan template, a free video training, and other helpful downloads.


Can Entrepreneurship Training Shrink Unemployment?

Seriously, How Much Did You Learn in College? Now here’s a fresh idea: College grads are starting to be judged by how much they learned instead of how much ivy grew on their campus walls or how good their football team was. Standardized tests that were once strictly for high school are invading higher education. A story today in the Wall Street Journal (behind a paywall) reports that: