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50 Unique Observations about Albania

During the nearly forty-year leadership of Enver Hoxha of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, over 700,000 bunkers were built in the country – one for every four inhabitants. The bunkers are still a ubiquitous sight in Albania, with an average of 24 bunkers for every square kilometre of the country.


Enver Hoxha (1908 - 1985)Longtime Communist president of Albania who closed the country to the outside world for 35 years, the isolation didn't end until after his death


Enver Hoxha asked the Albanian people, to hide Italians in their homes. 18,000 Italian soldiers were hosted in the homes of Albanians, although the population with this act of generosity risked being shot by the German army. 2,000 Italian troops entered voluntarily in partisan groups, where they fought with honor against the Germans. Thus was born the brigade Antonio Gramsci.


Ex Enver Hoxha Museum / Albania / architects Pirro Vaso, Klement Kolaneci, Pranvera Hoxha, and Vladimir Bregu #socialist #brutalism #architecture