If you really think the economy is more important that the environment, try holding your breath whilst you count your money.

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“The earth is what we all have in common.” -- Naturalist and writer, Wendell Berry – Image in British Columbia, Canada, taken by Dr. Joseph T. McGinn – Explore quotes of wisdom and inspiration at http://www.examiner.com/article/wise-quotes-to-inspire-learning-and-springboard-action?cid=rss

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It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. - Ansel Adams my inspiration

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Time for a paradigm shift in awareness of our own cause and effect on the environment. Most people are currently oblivious to the sum total of their seeming little actions in the context of the big picture.

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Found on Pinterest search engine. Wendell Berry, 2012, Applegate. This quote is simple yet it helps remind us that we all stand on the earth and we all benefit from its presence. It can be used as a direct quote in my speech, used to enforce the idea that the task of caring for the planet is the responsibility of each and every human being.

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The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves. - Wangari Maathai

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