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Environmental degradation

"Problems of environmental degradation and climate change are not threats to the Earth at large. They are challenges to human survival." #quotes #environment #climateChange

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The Girls and the Grasses - The Psychology of Patriarchy and Environmental Degradation

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John Pratt on

Doubling the human population every 50 years is not going to end well. This isn't about "personal belief" in overpopulation, its simple math!

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How to Reduce the Environmental Degradation Caused By Technological Devices

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Deforestation Slows Economic Recovery in Haiti

An innovative community agroforestry project is helping break the recurring cycle of poverty and environmental degradation in Haiti.

Junior Program Officer job in Washington D.C. NGO Job Vacancy GKI is a new type of non-profit organization focused on maximizing what's available to solve pressing global development problems like food insecurity environmental degradation and energy insufficiency. As a global community we are poised to take on... If interested in this job click the link bellow.Apply to JobView more detail... #UNJobs#NGOJobs

Some argue that each of us is part of "the problem", for we each contribute to environmental degradation. On one level this is true. On another level, it’s not true. Why? Because you and I are not the ones lying and cheating... By Contributing Writer Jack Adam Weber

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Pope Francis to the UN: environmental degradation threatens ‘the very existence of the human species’ - The Washington Post

Environmental Degradation and Protection: 2 Hardcover ? Box set Apr 2007