Go Green! Go ECrent! Come to our website at http://us.ecrent.com to rent or rent out the items. Protect our environment! Great to start a (small) business, or to save/make some money! We all own something we can rent out

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living more sustainable isn't a hippie thing, it's a survival thing; killing the earth equates to killing ourselves #eco

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Time for a paradigm shift in awareness of our own cause and effect on the environment. Most people are currently oblivious to the sum total of their seeming little actions in the context of the big picture.

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"Every day is Earth Day." by Patrick McDonnell http://muttscomics.com/ #Cartoon #Earth_Day

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Our government needs to be checked! Also we need to spend money on our own country rebuilding our infrastructure. And if there's any money left, remember charity begins at home... We need to stop supporting countries that hate us!

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Infographic: 25 Ways to Go Green (Except don't use microfiber cloths if you can avoid it bc they release plastic particles into waterways)

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For every liter of plastic bottled #water, 1/4 liter of fossil fuels are used. http://pacinst.org/publication/energy-implications-of-bottled-water/ … pic.twitter.com/Q4PyOO8maB

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