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That's a sad truth right there. If I know I have an event coming up I have to conserve as much energy as possible for it.


I use to have epilepsy - still do but controlled by medication now. This is the primary support/research organization for the UK


Epilepsy/seizures - After my surgery, I developed seizures; “Jacksonian march" is a phenomenon where a simple focal seizure spreads from the distal part of the limb toward the ipsilateral face (on same side of body). They involve a progression of the location of the seizure in the brain, which leads to a "march" of the motor presentation of symptoms. You can find valuable information and help from this website.


Point Localization: Meeting point of the midline with the top of the ears. TCM Actions: Extinguish Internal Wind. Controls Liver Yang. Raises the Yang. Benefits the brain and the senses. Elevates the Mind (Shen). Regains consciousness. Indications: Stroke. Hemiplegia. Opisthotonos. Loss of consciousness. Epilepsy. Poor memory. Depression. Headache. Dizziness. Tinnitus. Blurred vision. Prolapse of internal …