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Topamax- my current med. It has helped my migraines so much but the Topamax brain is that comes along with it at times is horrible.


I can understand a parent, partner, friend etc feeling that way but the view I have as a woman diagnosed with epilepsy about 30 years ago and today still intractable seizures after brain surgery etc I think it is more important to try to give attention to accomplishment unrelated to epilepsy and health to help the person see they as an individual are more than a person with epilepsy/health problems but accomplishments like all people developmentally are involved in. I understand it is…


Epilepsy Awareness #5 Brain Fog ASDs help to control seizures but they do have terrible side effects that we have to live with everyday. The black words on the brain are some bad things that they add. The white words falling out of the brain are good things that they can take away. #EPILEPSY #AWARENESS


Understanding Epilepsy Infographic. Count down to Purple Day March 26th. (info is about Canada but same stats apply worldwide)