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In Greek mythology, Hebe is the goddess of youth (Roman equivalent: Juventas). She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Hebe was the cupbearer for the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, serving their nectar and ambrosia, until she was married to Heracles (Roman equivalent: Hercules); her successor was the young Trojan prince Ganymede. Another title of hers, for this reason, is "Ganymeda." She also drew baths for Ares and helped Hera enter her chariot.


"All human actions are equivalent... and all are on principle doomed to failure.", Carl Sandburg

Tyche (Fortuna), traditionally wears a mural crown, symbol of the walls of her city. But here also wears the headdress of Isis. In her left arm holds the horn of plenty (for bountiful harvest) and in her right hand a rudder (guiding fortune and dominion over the sea). The Romans knew that their deities shared many characteristics with the Greeks' but they didn't worshipped them in the same way. They only saw their deities as equivalent to others when it was expedient to do so.


Eris, winged goddess of discord | Athenian black figure kylix C6th B.C. | Antikensammlung, Berlin ERIS was the goddess or spirit (daimona) of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. She was often represented specifically as the daimon of the strife of war, who haunted the battlefield and delighted in human bloodshed.


Relief sculpture depicting Brigantia, a north British native goddess, as a Roman goddess, from Birrens, Middlebie, Dumfriesshire (stone). Roman, (3rd century AD) / © National Museums of Scotland / The Bridgeman Art Library


Equivalence Principle: In this video Paul Andersen explains how inertial mass and gravitational mass are equivalent. He shows you too simple methods for calculated individual inertial mass and gravitational mass. Albert Einstein used this principle to build his general theory of relativity.


Operational Inefficiencies in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation: From the perspective of sustainable cannabis cultivation models, it seems clear that outside of the particular cultivation methodology adopted, that operational efficiency and the implementation of lean manufacturing principles will be necessary for successful and truly “sustainable” businesses, in the current, ever growing, cannabis space. Implementing lean manufacturing principles as an integral part of the cannabis cultivation…