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Eric Chavot Recipes

Cod with lentils

A beautifully simple dish from Eric Chavot, this rustic cod with lentils recipe is a true winter warmer.

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Daube de boeuf

Eric Chavot presents another French classic in this daube de boeuf recipe. The 'daube' in the title comes from the French 'daubière' - a kind of braising pot used for the long, slow cooking of less tender cuts of meat. This recipe uses beef featherblade to continue this tradition, a much overlooked cut that offers just as much flavour as more expensive alternatives when cooked correctly.

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Daube de boeuf

This classic French dish involves braising beef in wine over several hours to achieve a perfectly tender finish

Sole grenobloise

Inspired by his early career, Eric Chavot dishes out the perfect recipe for sole grenobloise.

Crème brûlée

Eric Chavot presents the definitive recipe for this iconic French dessert-Cambridge burnt cream

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Blanquette de veau with pilau rice

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Crème brûlée

This classic crème brûlée recipe will guide you in achieving the perfect custard wobble and crisp caramel topping. Make sure to make the set custard base a day before serving to ensure that perfect finish. - Eric Chavot

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