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Comparative essay example: "Khal Drogo and Attila the Hun"

Statue of Eirene (personification of peace) , ca. 14-68 A.D [Roman copy of a Greek bronze statue by Kephisodotos] (06.311) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art - the picture depicts a peplos


The 12 Common Archetypes - Research these Archetypes to strengthen your characters personalities and back stories.


Mark My Words: The Subversive History of Women Using Thread as Ink

For as long as women have been sewing, they've been using embroidery to tell their own stories—often in societies that refuse to hear them otherwise.


10 Top Tips for Persuasive Writing 1. Assume that that your reader knows nothing about the issue. This will encourage you to use clear language. 2. Tailor your language to your audience. Use words and phrases that will appeal to their concerns and motivations. 3.Tell a story or use your words to paint an image in your reader’s mind e.g. ‘Imagine this...’ Readers will.. To read on visit:


The story of the Fisher King and the Grail was later incorporated into the Arthurian myths. At first presented as a retelling of the older Fisher King tale - for example, one telling involved Percival encountering the Fisher King and the Grail before arriving at Camelot, it eventually evolved into an explicit "quest" for the Grail--one such quest ending with twelve knights (of undetermined origin) ascending into Heaven along with the Grail.


Really, the comforting side in most conspiracy theory arguments is the one claiming that anyone who's in power has any plan at all.