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Portrait of Maximilien De Robespierre (1758-94)

Maximilien De Robespierre (1758-1794) lawyer, politician, & an influential figure of French Revolution. A member of the Estates-General & Jacobin Club, he advocated the abolition of slavery, while supporting equality of rights & the establishment of a republic. He took control of the Revolution in its most radical & bloody phase–the Jacobin republic. During the Terror he was to use the guillotine, creating a 'republic of virtue.' 7/28/1794, he was guillotined without trial.


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AD Classics: United Nations / Wallace K. Harrison

AD Classics: United Nations / Wallace K. Harrison The United Nations General Assembly Building – ArchDaily


Tableau représentant l'ouverture des états généraux à Versailles le 5 mai 1789

The Estates General is typically described as being made up of the First Estate - the Clergy, the Second Estate - the Nobility, and the Third Estate - "Everybody Else". The commoners, or the Third Estate, are represented by the one carrying the other two estate on his back. And it was this third estate that was supposed to pay the increased taxes proposed by Louis XVI.