Legendary Beauty - Estée Lauder Beautiful- Launched in 1985, created by Sophia Grojsman, described by EL as “the fragrance of a thousand flowers”, exceptional example of a big floral bouquet, specialist area of Lauder. Wonderful blend of heady florals, rich, mossy base notes. Marketed as EL bridal perfume, completely romantic with a young innocence - also works perfectly well as an everyday perfume -would make a good signature scent. Beautiful is a a classic, a legend.

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Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Cream 5 Oz by Estee Lauder. $52.99. Estée Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Creme (Tube), 5 oz Brand New In Box. ver romantic, Beautiful is called the fragrance of a thousand flowers...violets and lilies, roses and lilacs, marigold and orange blossoms. Blended with expertise and creativity, this tender bouquet is warmed with a rich, woody base and brightened with a touch of citrus. Beautiful Perfumed Body Creme is a luxuriously mo...

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Estee Lauder Beautiful Bejeweled Butterfly Perfume Compact This monarch is fit for a queen. Resplendant in gleaming black enamel, orange and clear crystals and bright golden highlights, she is dramatically poised to take flight. Simply exquisite. The limited-edition collectible...See more »

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Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Fragrance - 1oz - $45.00. My husband's favorite perfume I've ever worn.

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