Fall in love with EU Ecolabel - Part 3 - NL

The EU Ecolabel suits your family’s needs, whilst helping to reduce your environmental footprint. Products or services carrying the EU Ecolabel have reduced environmental impacts throughout their entire life cycle. The EU Ecolabel is the green label you can trust. To learn more go to http://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/

A draft of new #textile product criteria for the #EU #EcoLabel standard has just been approved at a meeting of the EU Ecolabel Regulatory Committee where it was agreed that #cotton and other natural #cellulosic #fibres will have to contain a minimum content of organic or ‘IPM’ (integrated pest management) cottons. http://www.ecotextile.com/2013121612360/labels-legislation-news/eu-ecolabel-changes-textile-criteria.html

Het EU Ecolabel in de dagelijkse praktijk | Ecolabel

Kehvola - Artists - Size: 50 cm x 70 cm Material: Uncoated 190 g paper, EU Ecolabel Printed in Finland

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Friends baby body - 4 stk. Str. 56-98 - EU Ecolabel (100-130,-)

Joha slå om body i uld-silke. EU Ecolabel og Eoolmark certificeret. Råhvid.

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