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Eu Opinion Polls

from CNN

Millennials did not elect Trump -

The simple truth is if more people voted, Trump wouldn't be president. Millennials who clearly saw the danger of Trump could of easily stopped his election if only more of them had showed up to the polls. But that is true for every other group as well but especially true for millennials, the large majority of them rightfully against Trump.


Image copyright Getty Images The presidential election result came as a shock to people who had been looking for guidance from opinion polls. Just like at the 2015 UK general election and the EU referendum, the outcome was different from what most polls had suggested. So should we give up on th

Those of us who are the same age as the Clintons cannot be fooled. We know the truth. The very young and gullible will go to their concerts and be led to the polls like sheep. So a POTUS Hillary will be elected by people who can be bribed. I voted for Trump. M.W. 11/7/16


Securing the voting machines & safeguarding the vote is imperative & we've known ELECTION FRAUD is the problem, yet NOTHING has been done for years & years. Instead they dropped exit polling.