Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii (Spurge) Perennial 4' ht., sun to part sun, may reseed but they are easily pulled out, deer-resistant, low water requirements.

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Growing Euphorbias: How To Cultivate A Euphorbia Plant - Euphorbia plants also go by the easier to say, but less elegant, name of Spurge. There are many varieties of Euphorbia plants and growing them is easy. Learn how to care for these plants in this article.

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Euphorbia pulvinata (Pincushion Euphorbia) → Plant characteristics and more photos at:

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Look what I found on #zulily! Live Ascor Rainbow Euphorbia Plant by Spring Hill Nursery #zulilyfinds

Crown of Thorns, Christ Plant, Christ Thorn (Euphorbia millii) Native to Madagascar it is suspected that the species was introduced to the Middle East in ancient times, and legend associates it with the crown of thorns worn by Christ.

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