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Euro Vote

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Left opposition leads Greece euro vote

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The left-wing opposition Syriza party has succeeded in capturing first place in Greece's election for the European Parliament, leading the conservative New Democracy party by about percent.

U.S. lurches into new budget crisis, spending cuts imminent -

Comandante Chávez: Οι σταθμοί στη ζωή και την πολιτική του διαδρομή -

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MEPs vote to ban sale of meat from cloned animals and their offspring

MEPs vote to ban sale of meat from cloned animals and their offspring. Euro vote for ban on cloned meat and milk after shoppers spend years eating so-called 'Frankenfoods' without knowing MEPs want to halt all imports of meat products made from cloned animals Comes amid concerns from the public about the safety of such produce One lawmaker wants an outright ban on breeding cloned animals She says that they often die very painfully in their first few weeks

Bitcoin Hailed as Nominated Exit Plan During Yuan Dollar Turbulence Bitcoins steady growth ismore enticing than ever as a nominated exit plan asChina the U.S. and Italy prepare to give markets a hard time in December. Also read:Chinas New Blockchain Drive: Whos Leading it and Why? Dollar Yuan Euro Downside Risks While Chinese government reactions to Bitcoin helped knock several percentage points off Bitcoins value last week overall traction is not slowing. Bitcoin is today trading at…

Image copyright AFP Image caption Opposition has grown in the EU to the prospect of Turkey joining the bloc The European Parliament has voted to suspend Turkey's EU membership talks because of the Turkish government's crackdown since a coup attempt in

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Rock the Vote

"Rock the Vote" by papillon-ze-cat ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Sanctuary, Rosetta Getty, Cara, Casetify, Possini Euro Design, lighting, greenpants, redsweater and rockthevote