Evan Wright: Reporting on 'The Killer Elite'

Generation Kill by Evan Wright. Interesting book on invasion of Iraq, couldn't get into the mini-series though

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Westworld on HBO....starring Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Luke Hemsworth, Thandie Newton, Jeffery Wright and more

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First Recon reunion. Gunny Wynn, Evan Wright, Nate Fick, Brad Colbert, Poke Espera.

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Generation Kill: Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the New Face of American War by Evan Wright (

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Evan Wright & Rudy Reyes at the Miniseries 'Generation Kill' Los Angeles Premiere of the HBO Films' Paramount Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA July 8, 2008 Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

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Evan Wright did the hard yards with First Recon Marines to get this book - a great read whether pro or anti-war. Get Some.

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Westworld 4K - This HD Westworld 4K wallpaper is based on Westworld N/A. It released on N/A and starring Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton. The storyline of this Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Western N/A is about: A Western-themed futuristic theme park, populated with artificial... - http://muviwallpapers.com/westworld-4k.html #4K, #Westworld #TVSeries

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