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Mazola Recipe - Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries with Creamy Yogurt Dip #mazola and #cutcholesterol

Ian Curts from Joy Division…WIlderness just came on shuffle did my best to dance like him around my house

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New Years Eve Musician Sunset Quiles & Cloud, Julian Muller, Obstacle Course, Dreamers Awake, and Melissa Lyn

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(Be Jeremy) "So how do you like the school so far?" He asked me as we walked home together. I shrugged. "Its alright but I miss Pennsylvania." I admit in my thick accent, I was the new girl and he was my new friend. "Well Isabelle seems to miss it too." He told me nodding ahead to my friend Isabelle who was on the phone as she walked with us. I nod. "Yeah I guess she does." We both moved here together since are moms are best friends and we're lucky since were basically sisters.

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"The ability to play music by ear has more to do with what is felt rather than what is heard." ~ Smilingheart Barbara ♥

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