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Evergreen Shrubs

A tree and shrub guide / infographic: evergreens, deciduous and tropicals. Such a cool tool! Created by a member of RevitCity.

Evergreen shrubs make a nice background to other shrubs and flowers.

Potted boxwoods offer formal elegance with little maintenance. This large American variety creates a living wall in a line of concrete planters- I like this idea for a separating space

Camellia Japonica - February 2013. Evergreen shrubs with beautiful solitary or clustered flowers appearing early in the year with glossy, leathery leaves.

Top 10 evergreen shrubs - perfect for year-round interest in your garden.

Rhododendrons: This shrub is an evergreen so it will look good year round. The shrub blooms in spring and summer and keeps good color in fall and winter interest. Plant in shady to part shade spots in moist, well-drained soil. It tolerates wet soil too and is deer resistant. Grows 25ft by 25ft so keep it trimmed back if you want to keep it manageable.

mound coffee grounds into protective border in plants to ward off ants and slugs

'Emerald n Gold' Wintercreeper. 'Emerald 'n Gold' wintercreeper is a wonderful evergreen for adding color to shaded areas of the garden. The rich green leaves are decorated with a broad yellow edge that takes on a pink or burgundy tinge in winter. If you plant it up against a wall, it may climb like a vine. Size: To 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide Zones: 5-9

Holly 'Carissa' Low Maintenance Shrubs for the South - 4' H x 5' W "A fast growing hardy, evergreen shrub that NEVER needs pruning! Perhaps the best foundation shrub available"

Japanese Euonymus This fast-growing evergreen shrub reaches 10 - 15 feet tall, but it's easy to shear it back to create a lower hedge. Create more landscape kick by selecting varieties with gold-, cream-, or white-variegated foliage. Name: Euonymus japonicus

Mediterranean Spurge, John Tomlinson variety, is so cool! it produces all of these colors in one plant.

Evergreen Shrubs | plus points for hebe evergreen shrubs keeping shape and form through ...

(NP) Ligustrum Recurve is a fast growing, dense, upright evergreen shrub or small tree with large shiny dark green leaves. Strongly fragrant creamy flowers are produced in abundance during May. 10'x8'

Evergreen Viburnum - A dense, compact shrub with pointed green leaves edged with creamy yellow. Virburnum has clusters of red flowers in late winter and spring.

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Juniper Among the most versatile of evergreens, junipers range from ground-hugging creepers to mounded shrubs and upright trees. All respond well to pruning, making them useful hedges. Name: Juniperus selections Zones: 3 - 9

In early summer, this classic evergreen shrub bursts into flower with thick, Gardenia - white and waxy blossoms that release an intoxicating aroma that can perfume an entire garden.

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    My first flower from my mother on Alvarado Street in LA 1965.

Perk up your garden with this yellow-speckled Gold Dust Plant. More colorful shrubs:

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    The tree is a japanese maple and it is considered ornamenta, which means its going to stay a smaller size and grow slowly. Many different types of jap maples, growing shapes and mature sizes

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    Id prefer to not plant something that will outgrow the space-- like the tree

Low-Maintenance Plants and Dwarf Shrubs: dwarf shrub needs to be protected from harsh winds and hot sun. Picea abies- 'Pumila' Globe-shaped, spreading evergreen shrub with blue-green needles radiating around stem. Plant in full sun in moist, but well-drained soil. Water to establish and then when dry Height: 3-4 feet Width: 2-4 feet Hardy in USDA zones 3-6:

Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' (Evergreen Shrub). This gorgeous plants adds light and color to lower light areas.

Rhododendron - Will this work for a foundation plant? Evergreen, flowers, low growing varieties.

Pretty easy-to-grow flowering shrub: 'Sizzling Pink' Fringe Flower (Loropetalum). Also has spectacular evergreen foliage. It offers clusters of pink blooms from winter into spring and bold burgundy leaves that fade to purple-tinted green. I have mine planted next to my Forsythias and they both are the first to bloom in early Spring. Beautiful pink and yellow flowers! -Ali C.

Daphne Shown here, rose Daphne (also called ruby glow) is a low-growing, evergreen shrub with trailing branches, leathery green leaves and dense clusters of scented pink flowers in late spring. For variety, consider planting the 'Aureomarginata,' with its fragrant winter blooms and variegated leaves, instead. But be careful where you plant daphnes. They like full or partial sun and well-drained soil, but they can't bear transplanting. Leave them in place and watch them grow to 12 inches tall, to 3 feet wide.