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Descriptions of small evergreen shrubs - perfect for foundation plantings

Evergreen Bittersweet Euonymus fortunei Emerald 'n' Gold A versatile, dwarf evergreen shrub with bright golden-yellow, variegated leaves that take on stunning shades of red and pink during the winter. ‘Emerald n Gold’ is the most popular variety of Euonymus with small, green flowers which are borne in clusters between May and June. It can be grown in a wide variety of different situations: as a low, informal hedge; as a specimen shrub; as a tough foundation plant or to incorporate into…

Dwarf Global Japanese Cedar - Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana' INCREDIBLE shrub... needs little to no shaping and stays in the globe shape... one of my favorites.

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Use Evergreens to Make an Impact

Evergreen screen with variety

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List of Flowering Evergreen Shrubs

Chrysanthemums are a popular flowering evergreen shrub.

Picea abies 'Tufty' Tufty Norway Spruce Plant Description A dwarf evergreen conifer with a dense pyramidal form. Short needles are yellow-green. Nice in the rock garden or in a trough. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. 3' tall x 1.5' wide in 10 years. Hardy to -50 degrees. USDA zone 2. Limited availability.

Foliage Shrubs for Great Winter Colour Evergreen shrubs come into their own in winter, when others have shed their leaves and only the silhouettes of bare branches remain. They underline the importance of foliage in the garden and its enduring beauty, unlike the ephemeral charm and colour of flowers. From...

Dwarf Bottlebrush - Blood red blooms cover the top of this dwarf grower for an extended season. Dense branches are covered with blue-green leaves. Versatile compact size is perfect for today's smaller gardens. Evergreen.

Acorn Farms - chamaecyparis pisiformis filipendula Aurea nana:) this is a very catholic, dwarf golden threadleaf cypress....

Dwarf English Laurel Prunus laurocerasus 'Nana' Dwarf evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage makes a compact flowering hedge or accent plant. Low-growing plants spread broadly, with creamy-white flowers blooming on spikes in summer amid dense foliage. Full sun/Partial, 4-6' tall and wide

Juniper is an evergreen conifer that has a wide range of varieties with different colors and growing habits. 'Blue Star', pictured, is a compact shrub with silvery-blue needles with a bushy habit, but other cultivars, like 'Blue Acres' , have a creeping, spreading habit. 

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Identifying Plant Types

deciduous shrubs create permanent structure

Emerald 'n Gold Euonymus Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n Gold' A low growing, densely branched evergreen shrub with an upright, mounding growth habit. Glossy, dark green leaves are highlighted by a distinct, golden yellow margin. Leaf margins turn pinkish red in cold weather for cool season color. Full sun/Partial, 4-5' tall with 3' spread

Drought Tolerant Plants Collection | Sun Loving Plants and Flowers | Bloom IQ For under olive tree? maybe with green santolina too and thyme?

Looking for a hedge or border shrub that will provide you with lovely green leaves all year? Dwarf Burford Holly is an excellent evergreen shrub with its glossy, pointed leaves and its bright red berries (in the Fall) are a delight for birds!

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10 Best Small Evergreen Shrubs

10 Best Small Evergreen Shrubs: Flowering and Foliage - EnkiVillage

Nandina domestica Obsessed ('Seika') - This compact evergreen shrub is primarily grown for its handsome foliage, which is a fiery shade of red when it first emerges in spring, before turning a rich green as it ages. The conical clusters of white flowers it produces in midsummer are also pretty and add further to the plants appeal.

Arborvitae Occidentalis 'Little Teddy' (Thuja Occidentalis 'Little Teddy') [3.5" Pot, 3-5" Plant] Girard's Price: $4.50 Height: 2' Spread: 2' Zone:3 A small dwarf evergreen, globe shaped with feathery blue-green foliage. Killed it - replace it. Nice.

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Fast Growing Evergreens for Quick Privacy

Privacy screen: Carolina Sapphire .