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I hope this is one thing I am able to teach my kids. Be an INDIVIDUAL don't worry about being like everybody else they are just jealous they are not as awesome and comfortable with their selves as you are simply being yourself all the time.


“Your joy factor will remain constant as you are continually refining your ideas of what you want, and that’s why it is so important for you to get everybody else out of the equation. They’ve got their own game going on; they don’t understand your game. Give them a break; stop asking them what they think. Start paying attention to how you feel. Joy will be yours immediately, and everything else that you have ever thought would make you happy, will start flowing, seemingly effortlessly…


Emma and Archie - 6 * 3 "The Other Shoe"


Unique just like everybody else


You just have to be who you are. The best you can do is be certain that you are connected to your Source Energy, and let everybody else figure it out for themselves. Some of them will adore you, some of them will hate you - and none of it has anything to do with you. Choose what feels good to you and leave everybody else to choose what they want. Abraham-Hicks Portland, OR 8th June 2001


So why be like everybody else? Why be what society wants if it's just going to tear you down? If someone tells you you're so full of yourself for loving YOUR body than say "Well it's what I'm made of so might as well accept it and love it."-Janice H.<<wow.

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"Poetry is nobody's business except the poet's, and everybody else can f*** off." Philip Larkin