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Evil Bible Quotes

Gee, isn't that a bible verse? Treat others like you would want to be treated. Some people don't get it do they? Some people live by double standards. It's ok if they do something hurtful but if you do it back to them, you are to he one who is evil. It makes no sense. These are always folks who care only about themselves and no one else.


The Quick View Bible » Rulers of Israel and Judah This graphic goes well with the free bible lessons about the Divided Kingdom found at


Psalm 91... Calling you and trusting you to fill me with love instead of the anger, hatred and desire to meet evil with evil BC you talk a good game but the catholics pray to false idols and use Your name to hurt kids... Penile leprosy, just a thought... Love is great but you've gotten too soft since the old testament. No fire or flood again, just perverts contracting non contagious penile leprosy. Please?


Psalm 23:4...I get caught up in fear so easily. I have to remember who is behind fear and who is the author of peace!


Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote. The book, Bonhoeffer, is one of the best not fiction books I have ever read. He was an amazing man with divine perception

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7 Ways God Is Working In Your Finances

7 ways God is working in your finances...Here are a few common questions: "Doesn't the Bible say that money is the root of all evil? Are you implying that a holy God would stoop so low as to work through something as vile as our finances?" My answers to those two questions are “no” and “yes.” The correct Bible quote is...