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Evil Eye Tattoos

hamsa, middle-eastern & north african symbol for protection & strength against the evil eye. would go more detailed but placement ♥33

5. Hamsa: I just recently learned the word for this, actually. This hand-shaped symbol is rich in meaning. It’s supposed to help ward away the evil eye, the ultimate form of protection. It can be found in various religions from Islam to Catholicism. It’s not a solely religious symbol, but the spiritual nature of yoga makes it obvious why this tattoo is inspired by yoga.

Think this is amazing. It's small, it's meaningful (Watchful/evil eye --> there to protect you from evil)

Greek Evil Eye Tattoo Tumblr

Heart mani- love the bracelets and tattoo as well!

Evil eye tiny tat

evil eye tattoo - Google Search

evil eye tattoo.........dont love it....but hard to find anything tat with evil eye!

Hamsa tattoo. I keep finding more tattoos I want to get

beautiful hamsa tattoo. The hamsa has a lot of meaning behind it, protecting its owner from the evil eye, and bringing health and happiness. The five fingers represent the five books of the torah. The koi fish represent a never ending journey.

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Evil eye Egyptian metallic flash tattoo

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mandala with Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo | Fonte:

tattoo evil eye art work given by client

Hamsa hand tattoo...very nicely done. I hope that ink protects her from the evil eye.

My most recent addition of body art. I got this tattoo in NYC on my 20th birthday. It is the eye against evil.

CT, Ken Adams, Greenman Tattoo Studio  My first tattoo, a hamsa to prevent the evil eye

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