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Evil Person

Love when people put on the act of being a good person, but reality is they are just pure evil. Too bad your child is watching and learning from you.


Exactly. I didn't know how evil a person can be until I heard about a bitch who is trying to force someone to take a child away from its mother! Her plan is for my man to sue my baby away from me, and then marry him in the future and she will raise my baby with him. I threw up when i heard she says this kind of things.. I'm still in shock how disgusting people are. She is Just nasty poison.


"Narcissists don't co-parent. They counter-parent. They don't care about the collateral emotional damage done to the children, as long as it hurts you. "

from An Upturned Soul

Grin and Bear it… Or is it Bare it?

But evil is a completely different creature. Evil is bad that believes it's good. YOU, Narcoid are BEYOND evil!