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Ewan Mcgregor Children

Ewan McGregor. he has gotten better with age. but damn, i love his voice, his sense of humor, and his love for his wife and children.


Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. And then, one not-so-very special day, I went to my typewriter, I sat down, and I wrote our story. -Moulin Rouge! -Ewan McGregor -From Fiction To Film

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Ewan McGregor's look is very similar to how I see the main male character in The Mistress; except my character has ash blond hair and hazel eyes


Ewan McGregor - Depth in every way... including traveling by motorcycle, boat, plane and foot to deliver vaccines to children in remote parts of India, Nepal and the Republic of Congo. "I have to say I am an optimist. I've always been built that way. I'm quite a happy person. I can find joy in lots of things. I just am happy. I don't have to look for it. I don't have to do things to encourage my sense of optimism. I have it anyway."


Ewan Macgregor. "A lot of parents tell their children that if they want to be an actor, that's fine, but they should do something else first, so they've got something to fall back on. It doesn't work like that. . . . If you're suddenly doing something you don't want to do for four years, just so you've got something to fall back on, by the time you come out you don't have that 16-year-old drive any more and you'll spend your life doing something you never wanted to do in the first place."