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Ex Vivian

from Salon

Invoking Holocaust, 1,000 rabbis deliver letter asking Congress to welcome refugees and “not make the same mistake”

Starlite Lanes, a theatre turned bowling alley in Michigan (no longer standing).


Ex Vivian LP

Ex Vivian: Ex Vivian LP

When people make everything in there power to act like they your friend just so you wont take away their real friend she wants, but gets all evil and fake when they do stuff that knows its not friend type, been cut off since your first phonie acts and never apologizing.


I found this on a Facebook site dedicated to helping survivors of Narcissistic Abuse (After Narcissistic Abuse). It was posted by Missj Vivian. Thanks for posting this! I hope you don't mind me making a Pinterest pin out of it....


Familiar Trek Faces Flock to Stewart's Blunt Talk Blunt Talk the STARZ comedy series starring Patrick Stewart in a role as far removed from Captain Jean-Luc Picard as humanly possible will kick off its second season on October 2 with the episode "I Remember That Time More Like a Movie I Saw Than a Life I Lived." And it's been revealed that year two will once again feature guest appearances by several figures with Trek connections. Among those who will be interacting with Stewart's…


Lettie Lane's Around-the-World Party: Little American Girl paper doll 1911 Artist : Sheila Young