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Example Of Adjective Words

from Teachers Pay Teachers

FUN WITH ADJECTIVES Visual English Lesson good for Hearing Impaired DEAF ESL

Adjectives Lesson. Adjective Lesson. Grammar Lesson. Homeschool English. Parts of Speech. Elementary ESL Homeschool Sub Plan. This is a teacher led visual powerpoint adverb lesson that illustrates the use and purpose of adjectives providing many visual examples of adjectives.


How to Place Adjectives in Order| The English Student. This blog post contains an easy-to-understand explanation of the rules for correctly ordering multiple adjectives being used to describe a single noun, as well as the above visual aid, example sentences, and a short self-quiz for students. This could be valuable for helping higher proficiency ELLs understand this slightly tricky nuance of English.


Did you know there is a certain order when we use multiple adjectives to describe one noun? For example: The big dirty old brown dog was sleeping. Check out this great graphic from Woodward English that explains the order of adjectives and then see if you can create a correct sentence using multiple adjectives! (Please note that "colour" is the British spelling of "color," which is the American spelling.)


An idiom is an expression whose meaning is different from the meaning of its constituent words. List of some commonly used idioms in English with their meanings and usage at


Adjectives and adverbs are descriptive words that allow our sentences to be much more specific and interesting than they would be without them....

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Let It Snow: Literacy Activities

Let It Snow: Literacy Activity Pack...adjectives, types of sentences, reading comprehension, sight words...FREEBIE included in preview file!