Four types of sentences flip book...types on the outside...flip up the name and see an example of that type of sentence underneath...printable

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Woman sentenced to 12 yrs -This is a example of being intoxicated beyond your limit. She had to totally be out of her mind to stab someone to death all because she was laughed at for having her wig fall off. She's a 49 yr old woman and you would think she was more capable of handling ridicule. This is so sad. Im surprised she only got 12 yrs. Ive gotten a DUI charge and a drunk in public. I know about the destructive affects of overdrinking. What a shame for this woman.

Chapter 5. This is a great chart and practice problems that give you the foundation of reflexive verbs in the present tense. It gives you a good example of a verb that isn't always reflexive.

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Modal verbs show ability, necessity and ask for permission. Examples of modal verbs have been given and examples of sentences to demonstrate their …

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