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This is how excited my ears would get back in the good old days when my favorite song was playing on the radio! (Before the Internet and iPods!) Picture by our all time favorite photographer, Mark Drury​​...


I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE ❤️ #BeautyandtheBeast


A Three-Legged Dog Wins At Cromer Carnival Show – Impossible? Have you been in a carnival show with your dog? Have you seen how happy everybody is, especially those who are with their dogs. However, just imagine you have a three-legged dog because of an accident. Do you still want her to try joining the carnival show? Do you think she will still win? Poppy has a tale to tell. You wanna meet Poppy? It’s Cromer Carnival again. Everybody is excited and this includes Poppy and ..

3 << The url to a wondrous video of pureness I love them so much! Thomas Sanders got his dream come true, considering that he's a big fan too!