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For me ksoo looks like a struggling writer looking for inspiration

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Was Sm planning this?

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the right one definitely... i feel like we see the left one or similar on a pretty regular occasion.... #exo #d.o. #kyungsoo

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True tho, I wish we saw it...

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EXO X Kai X Boy can u not X this pic made me feel things ugh

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okay but this makes my heart so warm i love jongdae i rly do tbh i love all of exo they're all the angel line

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Sehun is everything good in this world

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O pior é que aqui só tem foto de quatro das que eu escolhi, cadê a foto do resto?

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Sometimes EXO doesn't know how to function without other members^.^

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When I first became a Carat, I got confused too Minseok. It's so funny how he's the oldest and yet :)

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