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Exodus Meaning

When God revealed himself to Moses at the burning bush and commanded that Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt Moses asked for God to tell Him who He should say commanded him to do so. God simply responded by saying "I am who I am". Simply stated and so powerful...He is unchanging. His wisdom spans the ages and His promises give meaning and direction to our lives. He is constant and enduring and His word is eternal. He has always been and always will be. The beginning and the end. He…


Parashat Terumah - The Mercy "Seat" - the word that has been translated as "seat" in Hebrew is actually "kapporeth" (Strong's 3727) meaning "a covering or lid for the sacred ark" (Exod. 25:17) .


Study the meanings of the Jewish high priestly garments. Revelations 1 says that Jesus has made His people " a kingdom and priests to God the Father and of our Lord Jesus Christ."


The Bible Project - Great animated video for understanding the meaning and message of Exodus Ch #19-40 [READ SCRIPTURE Series]


Day 3 of the Joshua reading plan from She Reads Truth ~ The Ark Crosses the Jordan River ~ Today's Text: Joshua 4:1-24, Joshua 5:1-15, Exodus 25:10-22 [...]


How to say "Table" in Hebrew. This word is used many times in the Tanach (Hebrew Bible). See for example Shemot (Exodus) 25:23. It is the correct word to use in Modern Hebrew as well. The shoresh (root) שלח usually means "to send" but the Jastrow Dictionary says it can also mean to draw out or stretch forth, which seems to be more relevant in this case. Click here to hear it spoken by an Israeli: